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After the withdrawal of a Samsung disaster “explosion” Galaxy Note 7 last year, perhaps it is not surprising that the company has thrown everything a new smartphone phone badge.

Galaxy represents the culmination of S8 intelligent innovation – from the infinite edge display to the latest iris recognition and the new Pixi “smart interface” programs.

Samsung and avoid falling into the trap of making use of tricks Galaxy S8 is focused on combining sleek design with brute force.

Although it retains many of the features that enjoy a wide range from the edge of the S7 galaxy, just like the curved screen, 12-megapixel rear camera, wireless and waterproof discharge, enough to lift it on your Opponents add.


Samsung has expressed itself perfectly in terms of design. The company took the curved glass screen that has such popular show on the Galaxy S7 Edge and reflects it on the back of the device, the Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8 gives a nice symmetrical appearance.

IMG_1910JPG What You Dont Know About The Samsung Galaxy S8

The physical home button is replaced with a digital pressure sensitive button, which means that the whole front of the phone a few are glass window. It is only interrupted at the top by a narrow slit for the speaker.

The size of the rear camera is reduced so that it sits on the back of the device, and the fingerprint reader also moves back on the phone, so it can be used with the index finger instead of a thumb.

All buttons and ports are placed on the smalmetaalband to run around the outside of the phone and are assembled to attach the two glass panels.

This includes the 3.5mm audio port, which Samsung galaxy s8 has decided to join, despite rumors that it was planning to follow Apple to push the headphones.

This is, without a doubt, a beautiful device. My only real problem is that glass is very easy to fingerprints, so it must be erased permanently.

IMG_1910JPG What You Dont Know About The Samsung Galaxy S8

The glass back of the device mirrors the front panel, and is prone to picking up fingerprints

In fact, you can combat it by placing the device in a case – something you would probably do at least to protect it from scratches. Pure clear case of Tech21 is a good choice if it protects the device while appreciating the elegant design.

I also found that the fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8 + 6.2 inch was too high on the back of the device for easy use while holding the phone with one hand.

It’s less a problem with the standard S8, which has a 5.8-inch screen, but repeating the device’s size design, Samsung looks like this is a problem.

Fortunately, The samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a variety of authenticated and sophisticated options, including iris scans and face recognition, so you do not rely solely on unlocking the fingerprint reader on your phone.

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