Overwatch Season 4 End

Blizzard confirms the Overwatch season four final. The current competitive season of the popular Blizzard multiplayer shooter began in March and has seen players test their bravery against each other.

In a post in the official forum of the company, Scott Mercer, chief designer of Overwatch, reveals that season four of the competitive game will end on May 29 at 0:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). This is May 28 at 5PM for those in the Pacific summer time and May 28 at 8PM for those in the Eastern Time.

Mercer also says that Blizzard “in fact” will be adding a countdown to the end of the season in an upcoming patch. And while the designer did not reveal when season five of Overwatch’s competitive game would start, Mercer says “we decided to have a lower amount of” off-season “time without competitive play compared to previous seasons.

Following Mercer’s comments, some fans have expressed some confusion about what they should expect in the meantime. A massive Overwatch anniversary event is expected to take place between the fourth and fifth seasons of the competitive game, with many players thrilled to celebrate a year since the popular multiplayer game was released on PCs and consoles. The event will reportedly include many new skins and other new cosmetic elements for all playable characters in the game.

The event may also include the launch of new maps, but this has not been fully confirmed. Overwatch development team members have been bothering new maps – for competitive play and special game modes – with some of these maps being said to be in full swing.

That’s good news for those who are eager for new game content, but if it’s really going to be a shorter time than ever between competitive seasons, as Mercer promises, then this does not give Blizzard a lot of time to Push the maps to the PTR. Here, these maps will have to be tested, fans will have to provide feedback and Blizzard will have to fix the bugs and problems and before pushing it to the competitive players.

How Blizzard will make sure everything runs smoothly despite the fast lap is still to be seen. But for now, Overwatch players will be happy to have a set date for the end of the fourth season.