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How To Play PC Games On A Smartphone

PC games: Cross-platform gaming is still in an ascending stage. Most attempts were not successful. The few options include the Bluetsacks emulator, which allows Android games on PCs and the Sony PlayStation Now platform that can run PS3 games on a Windows PC.

But always running a PC game on a smartphone is another ball game, as PC games are more resource-intensive and take more space.

Cloud gaming companies like OnLive have tried and failed. Now a New York US gaming company LiquidSky has come up with a cloud-based app that can run any PC game on your smartphone and surprisingly you do not need a OnePlus 5-like device to run it.

The minimum system requirement for the smartphone is only 1GB of RAM and 30MB of memory. The games are downloaded on cloud, so you do not have to worry about the storage on your smartphone.

Requires continuous Internet connection

However, it requires an active Internet connection with a minimum bandwidth of 5Mbps and recommended speed of up to 20Mbps for the best gaming experience. Online gaming is not new to the mobile ecosystem. Many Android games require an active Internet connection to work, but getting the 20Mbps brand will be consistently a challenge, especially in mobile networks in India. This makes it highly dependent on WiFi networks.

How does it work?

Liquid Sky works by connecting smartphones to a virtual PC that runs on Cloud. The actual game is downloaded and running on a remote server, which then compress and stream the game to user’s smartphone with image rate of 60 fps.

Once users log in to the app and schedule a subscription, they can search and download all games from their existing library of purchased games, or buy new ones on Steam, GOG, Origin, Blizzard, or Humble Bumble. These are online stores for PC games and their API (application program interface) is built into the app, so you do not have to download their apps separately.

How much does it cost?

LiquidSky is only available for Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (there is no news on the iOS app). Users in India can download them for free, but to access the games, one of the subscriptions is required. Basic pay-as-you-go plan starts at $ 9.99 (about Rs644) and offers 100GB of storage space.

The monthly subscription, which provides 500 GB of cloud storage and the ability to change data centers, starts at $ 19.99 per month (about Rs1,289). There is also a free model, with in-app ads and 100 GB of memory, but it is only available to users in the US and Canada.

How is it different

LiquidSky leverages IBM’s public cloud infrastructure, which is more robust, easy to scale, and has record centers. One of the reasons for the failure of services like OnLive was that it used its own server to host the games and was not able to deal with the cost. Also, they have not managed to acquire top-tier games leading game developers like EA Sports and Activision.

The biggest highlight of Liquid Sky is that you can buy, play and play a PC game that is available on one of the linked game stores.

Why do you need controllers?

Technically. PC games are not designed for touch screen devices. You need a controller or a mouse and a keyboard to play them. Smartphone users can not run them through the controls on the screen and require a compatible Android controller that can be connected to an OTG cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth to the phone. LiquidSky recommends wired controllers for the best gaming experience.