Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 2.3.0

A new firmware update has been released for the Nintendo Switch, which brings the console to version 2.3.0. The update is available for download now for all console owners, although once again Nintendo’s description of what it does is very vague.

The revision notes for update 2.3.0 read “General System Stability Improvements to Improve User Experience”. It is not really a surprise when it comes to Nintendo patch notes, as they rarely go into details about exactly what each update does. However, it is often after the fact that when we are going to learn about some of the changes that he made, he comes by way of fans doing some of his own research. Do not be surprised if some discoveries appear in the coming days.

The good thing to note here is that the company has been pretty consistent when it comes to upgrading its console since its release. The console has received several updates since its launch on March 3, ensuring that the experience for owners is as smooth as possible. The response to the fans console has been quite positive so far, as the company wants to make the successful launch of the console continue.

It was revealed last month that the Switch has the potential to sell more than the Wii U in just its first year on the market. The console has sold about 3 million units since its launch in early March, with the company predicting the console will sell another 10 million units in the next year. This would put the console’s total sales somewhere around the 13 million mark, which is what Wii U managed with its several years in the market.

While Nintendo’s biggest push and platform innovations are part of the success, the biggest console piece of the winning launch formula was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Having a Zelda game as one of the launch titles for the new console was a very smart move by Nintendo, and the fact that it happened to become one of the best reviewed games of all time only boosted the Console sales more.