Owlboy For The Switch Console

Nintendo announced that Owlboy will be released on the Nintendo Switch. The game was part of a reel of new indies set to arrive on Nintendo’s hybrid gaming device.

Destructoid discovered the news as part of the nearly nine-minute trailer that was released as part of Japan’s promotion of new titles to reach the Switch.

Destructoid notes that the Owlboy segment starts at the 6:30 mark, and it sure is there.

Some people were curious why the game was first announced for Japan’s release when it first premiered in the West, but people are excited about the news, nonetheless.

The game originally came out on November 1, in 2016 last year. He received remarkably high scores from the review for his art of high quality and animation, and very attractive soundtrack.

The concept of the game is like that of a traditional platform game, but evolved to the next level. The hand crafted game features a diverse collection of levels and companions for Otus the Owl Boy to experience and explore.

As shown in the video above, Owlboy is a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. It will offer games of a high definition pixel adventure on the big screen, and something that is worth playing while the Switch is in portable mode on the small screen.

They have not set a release date yet for Owlboy on the switch, but it is likely to come with the second wave of indie titles due for release on the switch during the second or third quarter.
Now the two biggest obstacles Nintendo to overcome are the expansion of the software library and get more Switch units in the market. The console managed to beat the Xbox One and PS4 two months in a row during a non-festive season, so if they can keep that up, they’ll be well on their way to be able to beat the Wii U base in a short time. The only thing they will need after that is more software to attract the growing installation base.