Ways-To-Unlock-Pattern-Lock-on-Android-Easily 3 Ways To Easily Unlock Any Android Pattern Lock 2017

Ways To Easily Unlock Any Android Pattern Lock

You can feel lucky when you forget the pen, the password, or the pattern that you use to lock your phone. Pattern lock is handy because you do not have to remember the cumbersome numbers or character combination. In addition, the pattern lock allows the Android users to choose either the hardest or the simplest pattern of their choice. You can also worry about Google security features and find ways to unlock the pattern lock on Android.

Fortunately, you can rid yourself of the frustration with the tricks below to unlock the Pattern Lock on Android to return to your device.

Ways To Easily Unlock Any Android Pattern Lock

  • Use the factory default settings to reset the pattern lock

This is the most common method and works in almost any case. But I want to warn you as there is no data on your phone to preserve. If you have already backed up your data to your Google Account, running a factory reset is not a problem.
The process varies for different Android phones. Turn off your phone first and follow the steps below.
1. Press and hold the power button and the volume control rocker (together with the Home button if your phone requires) to get the Android system restore screen. Try to see different combinations that work for you.
2. Use the volume button to move the screen up and down, then use the power button to select Restore Mode.
3. Select the ‘Get Data / Factory Settings’ option. Then select ‘Yes- delete all user data’. Reboot your device from scratch and set everything up.
This method works with almost all devices to unlock pattern lock on Android.

  • Use your Google Account

This is a pretty simple trick to unlock Pattern Lock on Android. However, if you are stuck with no internet connection and if you have not connected Google account with your phone, then follow these steps:
1. Tap the “Forgotten Pattern” button, which is available at the bottom of the screen.
2. Enter the required information to log in. They will be forwarded to Google Play.
3. Follow the instructions given there.
4. Google will either send you an email with your unlock pattern, or you can change it right there and there.

  • Android device manager works with almost all new phones

This is the best trick to unlock the pattern lock on Android. If you have a Google Account, you can access this service with any device.
1. Android Device Manager allows you to connect and find your device in the browser. Start with a click on the lock button.
2. You are then prompted to enter a new pattern, pin or password.
3. Re-enter the new password to confirm the password. Then click the “Lock” button.

These tricks do not work for all mobile phones. But try one of the above methods out before going to the professional or back to the place where you bought your phone.